Charnic Capital is an Investment Holding Company which is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our portfolio of investment consist of prime property, and stakes in listed and non listed companies in Indonesia.

Our main objective is to maximize the return on our investments by investing in a potential high yield investment opportunity in Indonesia. We select our investment carefully in order to provide us with a good mix of steady stream of cash flow as well as capital gain potential for our investment. Our investment objective is for a long term value appreciation over a long term investment horizon.

Our Portfolio Investment

Our Portfolio Investment decision is very straightforward. We focus on the creation of value and preservation of our capital. We continue to identify investment opportunities where our capital and investment can create value and our portfolio will continue to grow and provide a good reward for our shareholders. Our investment strategy is to acquire high quality businesses on a value basis, actively manage operations and when it is possible opportunistically sell them and to reinvest capital into another business.

Our Property Portfolio

Our Property Portfolio consist of a prime office space located in the heart of Jakarta SCBD area which is at the heart of Jakarta business district.

We invest opportunistically in high quality real assets, manage them proactively with a target of generating stable growth and predictable cash flows.

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