Activity & Program

The Company understands that long-term sustainability cannot be achieved solely through the fulfillment of operational targets and financial performance business success will be achieved if the Company is able to maintain a balance between the achievements of economic performance, social performance and environmental performance.


In full awareness of its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, recognizing the environmental problems as material issues, the Company will make every effort to simultaneously pursue both a prosperous society and environmental conservation.

Global environmental issue such as climate change pose a critical threat to the sustainability of our earth. It is our priority to address these issues and contribute to build a sustainable society. We commit to make continuous improvements to our environment by reducing the environmental impacts of our businesses by conducting business activities that make positive contributions to our environment.


Values and consideration for human rights is an important issue for us as we engange in our business activities. We also asks all of our team to understand and put into practice the human rights policy of the company in addition to education for for all of our employees to respond to this important issue. We will provide appropriate education to all of our management and employees, and strive to raise human rights awareness in order to incorporate and implement it in our business activities.


We will implement supervision over the management from an independent and objective standpoint and to ensure the appropriate and efficient execution of business operations by improving the transparency of our decision-making, aiming to our sustainable growth as well as the medium- and long-term improvement of our corporate value.

These ESG activities are executed by the Company strived to reflect the moral responsibility of all stakeholders, empowering communities around the operation of the Company and improve people’s lives through education and community development.

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